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If you are looking for cs go server hosting you have to the right place to find the best host for you.  If you currently host please leave a review of the host and a star rating for future server administrators.

Price / SlotCompanyReviewLocationsURL
$0.79GameServers.com ReviewWorld Visit
$0.95purepings.com Review4 DCs Visit
$1.30fragnet.net ReviewUSA / UK Visit
$0.99eoreality.net ReviewUSA / UK Visit
$1.30dathost.net Review4 DCs Visit
$0.67astralgameservers.com Review4 DCs Visit
$1.11multiplaygameservers.com ReviewWorld Visit
$0.90nfoservers.com ReviewUS / UK Visit
$0.99buygamingservers.com Review4 DCs Visit
$0.70fpsplayers.com Review1 DC Visit
$2.00pantheones.com.au ReviewAustralia Visit
$1.50wombatservers.com ReviewWorld Visit
$0.79vortexservers.com Review6 DCs Visit
$1.12clanwarz.com ReviewWorld Visit
$0.70gamingdeluxe.co.uk Review3 DCs Visit
$0.75ready2frag.com Review1 DCs Visit
$0.85neosync.net ReviewFlorida Visit
$1.00leetservers.com ReviewUSA / UK Visit
$0.80bluefangsolutions.com Review6 DCs Visit
$1.29counter-strike.com Review2 DCs Visit

If you are looking for Counter Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO) server hosting make sure to read the reviews that other server administrators have given of providers.

  1. Price

Price is probably the number one concern that people have with CS:GO server hosting.  The table above should clearly label which providers have the cheapest hosting service to those that are a bit higher in price per slot.  Location has a major effect on price as competition in so areas does not really exist which causes the price to go up.   Australlia will normally have a higher cost of service then the USA do to bandwidth costs and competition.  What you should know is that sometimes it is worth paying a bit more in order to ensure you have excellent uptime.

   2.  Location

Location is important not only because it affects price but it effects your ping to the game server as well.  Take a look at where you are your friends are located.  Try to find a datacenter that is closest to each of you.  The less your network packets have to travel to reach the server the faster it will be.  If you are split between major continents you may have to settle for some players having higher ping than others.

   3.  Hardware

Look for a few key words when choosing a provider.  The main one you should look for in 2015 is SSD hard drives.  These greatly increase speed of CS:GO map loading and mods that you may install in the future.  If your host does not have SSD drives on their game servers you may want to consider moving on.  The second key feature is DDOS protection.  If you want to host a public CS:GO server then you will want to have DDOS protection for when you ban that hacker who feels like retaliating.  Only a few providers like GameServers.com have this option as it is extremely expensive to have for smaller networks.

  4. Support

Support will range between providers.  This part will also depend on your knowledge of CS:GO server administration.  Make sure that the server hosting provider that you go with has a control panel for your CS:GO server and a ticketing system.  They also should have a updated knowledge base for CS:GO administration for you to browse and learn from.  I would also recommend sending in a test ticket to see how long it takes to get a response for a the company’s support team.